College Football 1st Half Model Bets

College Football First Half Betting Explained

If betting a full college football game isn’t for you or you think you have a good feeling about how the game will be going entering halftime, betting a college football first half could be perfect for you. Betting a first half is almost the same as betting a full game but your bet ends once the second quarter is over. The score in the second half has not no impact on a college football first half bet. Similar to betting a full game you can bet the college football first half moneyline or bet it against the spread. If you aren’t up to speed with how college football spreads work make sure you check out our pages on those topics.

College Football First Half Spreads Explained

Betting a college football first half against the spread is the same concept as betting the full game ATS but only the score in the first half matters. Once the game goes into halftime your bet is over. When you are betting against the spread, the spread will be listed as a positive number for the underdog and a negative number for the favorite. This is how many points your team has to win the first half by or how many points they can lose the first half by. Betting a college football first half spread can be advantageous for underdogs because occasionally favorites will get off to a slow start and use the first half to settle into their gameplan. Make sure you take a look at our college football first half value bets to see where you can get the most value out of your bet.

College Football First Half ATS Example:

The Oklahoma Sooners are playing the Texas Longhorns in the annual Red River Rivalry. This game is being hosted in Norman Oklahoma which is one of the reasons the oddsmakers have made the Sooners the first half favorite. Before the game starts the first half spread is listed at +/- 6 with the Sooners (-6) and the Longhorns (+6). This means if you bet the Sooners you need them to be winning by 7 points at halftime to cover your bet. If you bet the Longhorns you need them to be winning or losing by less than 7 to push / cover your bet. Once the game starts Texas takes an early lead and at the end of the first quarter it is Longhorns 7 - Sooners 3. When the second quarter starts the Texas offense falls flat and they fail to score for the entire quarter. Oklahoma finds some luck in the passing game right before heading into halftime and the Sooners score a last second touchdown. With that touchdown the score is Sooners 10 - Longhorns 7 going into halftime. In this scenario if you bet the Sooners (-6) your bet would not cover and you would lose because when you subtract the six points that was listed in the first half spread the score is Sooners 4 - Longhorns 7. If you bet the Longhorns you would cover your bet and win because the six points listed in the spread would bring the score to Sooners 10 - Longhorns 13.

College Football First Half Lines

Betting a full game is hard enough let alone betting exclusively on a college football first half spread and it can be even harder when you can’t find value in the spreads, the lines keep moving, and you can’t compile all your betting data in one place. With BetQL you will no longer run into any of these issues because we show the best value bets for every sport & bet type, we have up to the minute spread, lines, and odds updates, and you can find all the data you need in one place. With BetQL you can use our pre set dashboards or create your own and save it for later. You can create a dashboard that specifically focuses on finding college football first half ATS winners. Sign up for BetQL today and start cashing more tickets!

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