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College Basketball Consensus Picks for Today

Here you will find our consensus picks for the day for each day of the college basketball season. BetQL works closely with sportsbooks to get the public betting data, which allows us to provide our users with consensus picks for every game. With a BetQL subscription you can easily find out the consensus picks for every game and every day. Want to know which team to avoid because they are a public pick trap, sign up for BetQL and stop worrying!

If you want to learn more about BetQL's college basketball consensus picks or how to use the consensus picks to fade the public keep reading!

BetQL's College Basketball Consensus Picks

If you are looking for college basketball consensus picks for this season you have come to the right place. BetQL has public betting data for every game and every bet type this year.

At BetQL we work closely with the sportsbooks to get the public betting data for each and every game. Once there is a significant amount of bets wagered on a game we release our public betting data. From this public betting data our college basketball consensus picks are created. Not only do we have consensus picks for every game, but we have the public betting data for every bet type. No matter how you like to bet if it is against the spread, over unders, or moneylines, BetQL has the data.

Betting on college basketball can be hard but using our college basketball consensus picks can be an easy way to get back at the sportsbooks. With BetQL you are able to see the consensus picks in two different ways. You can take a look at the percentage of public money that is on a team, or you can look at percentage of public tickets on that team. The difference between these two metrics is that the public money is the percentage of total dollars wagered on the team, while public tickets is the percentage of public tickets bet on that team.

If you are new to BetQL you can sort the public betting column of our table, or click the public betting tab to see the consensus pick for that game. To learn more about our college basketball consensus picks and how to use them keep reading below.

How to Use BetQL's College Basketball Consensus Picks

Here at BetQL we look at the college basketball consensus picks right before tip off as a part of our betting research. We like to wait until tip off to get as much public betting as possible before we place a bet. The more data the better when it comes to consensus picks.

If you are looking to fade the public we recommend you wait as long before tip as possible. The people who make expert college basketball picks use this method all the time when betting these games, so we recommend you do the same. The reason you want to wait is to get the best possible line. Not only will you be able to bet the best line but the consensus pick will be clear, because all the public bets will already be in.

The games that we like to leverage college basketball consensus picks is games where the public betting is over 70% and the point spread is +6 and above. The public betting data more often than not sides with favorites, so betting underdogs using our consensus picks works best.

Fading the Public Consensus for College Basketball

As we mentioned above when a sharp bettor looks at the college basketball public betting data and decides to pick the other side of the public that is called "fading the public" and it is historically one of the most popular betting strategies.

Although our data has shown that betting against the public for college basketball games has been somewhat profitable over the years it may not be the best strategy. We recommend that you fade the public on a case by case basis. If you have a good gut feeling about an underdog and the huge favorite is the consensus pick then it may be a good idea to fade the public and bet the underdog.

The logic behind fading the public is that most sports bettors lose and that they don't really know what they are doing when it comes to picking winners. New bettors overwhelmingly pick favorites and don't understand when they should bet an underdog. Once you start to track the public betting trends you will see that the top college basketball teams in the nation are the big consensus picks, and although they may win a lot of games they don't always cover.

We don't recommend looking at the consensus picks and immediately betting the other side because fading the public is a betting strategy that should be used sparingly in the right situations.

College Basketball Public Betting Explained

Historically one of the most popular betting strategies is betting against the consensus picks for the day. The above data on this page comes from the largest online sportsbooks in the world and shows which side their regular customers are betting. With BetQL's public betting data you not only get to see which side the public has bet the most tickets on, but also how much public money is going to that team.

Sharp bettors always want to know which team is the consensus pick because it helps them understand which team may be over bet, which helps them identify an inflated line. The public is usually not that savvy at betting and picks overwhelming favorites that they hear the big media networks and their friends talk about.

Once a large group of public bettors run to bet the big favorite it will inflate the line which means the underdog will now be more favorable to bet since they will be getting more points against the spread. This is why you hear so many sharps reference the consensus picks or ask which side the public is on for a certain game. When your main betting strategy is to see which side the consensus picks are on and you immediately bet the other side that is called "fading the public" and you can learn more about that below

College Basketball Public Betting Trends

Tracking trends is a crucial part of being a successful sports bettor, but when it comes to tracking public betting trends for college basketball it can be nearly impossible to find all that data in one place. Luckily BetQL has you covered and is here to provide you with the data and insights for you to start making smarter bets. On BetQL you will find college basketball public betting data that you can’t find anywhere else, because with a BetQL subscription you can always look back to see our historical data which shows which side the public was on for every game this season. If you want to track your own trends you can look through a team's schedule to find out how often they cover the spread when they are either the consensus pick or when the public is on the side of their opponent. No one else the historical public betting data that BetQL has so find out if you favorite teams to bet on are popular with novice bettors or if they are still under the radar as we get closer to March.

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