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How do College Basketball Odds Work?

If you are new to betting on basketball you may be wondering how college basketball odds work. College basketball odds are how statistically likely an outcome is according to the sportsbook.

For each game there is a favorite and an underdog according to the college basketball odds, which are set by the bookmakers. The favorite will be listed as a negative number and the underdog will be listed as a positive number.

When someone is talking about college basketball odds they are most likely referring to the moneyline, because this is where odds have the most impact. If you are looking for college basketball moneyline picks we have those waiting for you over here on their own dedicated page.

The college basketball odds have little to no factor when betting against the spread. If you look at the best bets for today in the table above you will see nearly every game has odds of (-110), this is because the point spread balances out the odds. If you want to learn more about college basketball point spreads and how they work keep reading below.

The last thing you need to know about college basketball odds before you start betting is how they impact your money! There are many different formats of odds but the most common you will see here in the United States are American Odds. This type of odds is based on how much you will win or lose based off bets of $100.

Everyone knows that the best ranked team in college basketball is going to beat the worst ranked team so the sportsbook can’t let you rob them blind by betting $100 on the best team to win the game and winning $100 when they do, so they use college basketball odds to make things a bit more even.

When you look at moneylines for any college basketball game you will see a favorite (a team with a negative number next to their name) and an underdog (a team with a positive number next to their name) this is what someone is talking about when they refer to college basketball odds.

If you are looking to bet on the favorite that number, for example (-150) is how much money you will need to wager to win $100. The sportsbook thinks that team is going to win, so basically are requiring you to wager a higher amount to win a lower amount.

If you are looking to bet on the underdog that number, for example +180 is how much money you will win if you wager $100 on that team and they win. The sportsbook book will payout a higher amount of money for betting a smaller amount.

The reason sportsbooks use college basketball odds is because they need to entice bettors to place wagers on both teams. The sportsbooks ideal outcome is even money on both sides, this way they are sure to profit no matter who wins the game.

Now that you are completely caught up on how college basketball odds work get out there and start stacking some cash! Don’t forget our best bets for today and maybe there is a big winner waiting for you above.

How do College Basketball Point Spreads Work?

If you need some info around college basketball point spreads or you are just looking for the most updated college basketball spreads for tonight’s slate, don’t worry we got you!

In the table above you will see the most updated college basketball spreads available. We work with the sportsbooks to get all their college basketball information in real time, so if the spread is updated at the book, it is updated on BetQL.

Now if you are here to learn about college basketball point spreads here is our full explanation. Most bettors are not interested in laying down big sums of money to only win a fraction of it back, so the sportsbooks use point spreads to make betting or even, but more importantly it makes the college basketball odds more even.

A college basketball point spread is how much a team can win or lose the game by depending on which side you bet. If you bet on the favorite you will see a negative number next to their name like (-5.5) this mean that team has to win the game by six points to cover the spread. If you bet on an underdog you will see a positive number next to that team’s name, for example +7.5 which means that team can lose by up to 7 points and you will cover the point spread.

Who are the College Basketball Experts Picking Tonight?

Not interested in tailing the college basketball best bets from our computer model? That is totally fine and we have a page totally dedicated to our expert picks waiting for you over here on their own page.

We work with the sportsbooks and they identify which side their sharps are betting on for each and every game on tonight’s slate. Not only will we show you the percentage of sharp tickets on each team, but we will show where the money is flowing as well.

What are the College Basketball Consensus Picks for Tonight?

Looking to fade the public and want to know what are the college basketball consensus picks for tonight well we have you covered! Not only do we have sharp picks, but we also have the public’s picks as well. Know which games are traps with a quick glance at our public picks page.

Where are the Over Under Picks?

Want to bet on some totals tonight? Check out our college basketball over under picks page, we think over unders are so important that they need their own page. You can find out which over unders are our model’s favorites or see which numbers the sharps are playing tonight.

Where are the 1st Half Picks?

Is betting the full game too much for you? Check out the college basketball 1st half picks we have waiting for you over here. Our model not only does ATS, over unders, and moneylines, but we also have picks just for the first half!

Where is the Line Movement Tonight?
Want to take your betting to the next level? Make sure you check the college basketball line movement before you make any bets. Ensure you hit the line at the best time with our line movement tracker.

Want More Picks?

BetQL has picks for all different sports and bet types, so no matter how you want to win tonight, we have you covered. This time of year we recommend you check out our basketball picks. We offer winning picks on both the NBA and college basketball. Keep reading to see the best of what we have to offer

Nothing helps you win more bets than BetQL's NBA picks , because our model picks every game and every bet type. If you want to know a game's final score before it even tips off, check out our NBA over under picks. If you are new to betting basketball then we think you should start out with NBA money lines because all you need to do is pick who wins the game, nothing else! Are you more of an advanced basketball bettor? Then you need to check out the NBA 1st half picks we have waiting for you, some of the easiest wins you will find in the NBA are when you are betting the first half.

Are pros not your speed, don't worry we have college basketball picks against the spread for every game on tonight. If picking against the spread is too much for you that is fine because we have our college basketball money lines, which will give you moneyline winners for tonight. You can even find college basketball over under picks from our model, so if you would rather bet the numbers we can point you in the right direction. Trying to become a sharp bettor? Check out the college basketball 1st half best bets we have for tonight. Follow our best bet model and start winning more bets with BetQL.

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