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BetQL's MLB Consensus Picks

If you are looking for MLB consensus picks for the 2021 regular season. BetQL has your covered. BetQL has public betting data for every game and every bet type this year. With BetQL you are able to see the consensus picks by looking at the percentage of public money that is on a team, and the percentage of public tickets on that side as well. For every game you can see the public betting data for each team head to head so you can use that data to craft your own pick. To find the public betting data all you have to do is click into the game you are interested in from our games table and you will see the public betting bar graph that shows the percent of money and the percent of tickets. If you are new to BetQL and don't have a game in mind that you want to find more information on you can sort the public betting percentage column to see the overview data for all the games on the baseball slate today.

At BetQL we have exclusive deals with the sportsbooks to provide us their public betting data, so if you want to know if the public is all over a favorite so you can fade them we have that data right here. With our public betting data you can make more informed bets than regularly betting with your gut. We will explain more about how you can fade the public consensus pick as a MLB betting strategy, but before we get that in depth it is important to know that BetQL's public betting data is updated instantly from the sportsbooks. Our MLB best bets are formulated the second the odds, lines, and spreads are released and we track the public betting percentage throughout the day. You can rest assured that the data you are looking at is the most updated data the sportsbooks have available. If you are looking to fade the public we recommend taking a look at our consensus picks right before the first pitch. This way you can ensure you are getting a clear picture of which way the MLB public is betting. If there is a big moneyline favorite and you can see they are the consensus pick right before first pitch then you can hopefully fade the public and cash in big on a nice underdog wager.

Check back to BetQL's MLB public betting page to see the consensus picks for every game, every day and start building your bankroll for this baseball season.

MLB Public Betting Explained

When bettors talk about public betting they are referring to who the general public or the “average joes” are betting on for any given baseball game. You may hear the term public betting or consensus picks used but they are the same thing and they both show which side of a game the majority of bettors are tacking. Experienced baseball bettors look at MLB public betting percentages to figure out who novice bettors are taking and may choose to “fade the public”. Fading a pick is simply picking the opposite side so if the public is all over one team “fading the public” means a person would be betting on the opposite side. The strategy around “fading the public” is that most bettors bet with their feelings rather than the data, so looking at BetQL's MLB public betting percentages and betting the opposite side can be somewhat profitable. If a game has a high amount of tickets being placed the higher the likelihood that the public is betting the game, so be sure to check out that data from BetQL before you decide to “fade the public”. If betting with or against the public isn’t part of your baseball betting process check out our sharp page where you can find MLB expert picks.

MLB Consensus Picks Explained

MLB consensus picks are an aggregate of who the public thinks will win any given game. Taking a look at the MLB consensus picks and public betting percentages can be an important part of anyone’s baseball betting strategy, but finding the data isn’t always easy. Finding MLB consensus picks can be difficult because you need data from all the sportsbook and most places do not have the ability to aggregate all of that data. BetQL works closely with the sportsbooks to show all of their relevant data to our users. With BetQL you can see MLB public betting data and figure out who the consensus pick is for any MLB game and any bet type.

MLB Public Betting Trends

Tracking MLB public betting trends is difficult and when you finally find all of the data you need it is most likely coming from a ton of different sources. BetQL has all the MLB public betting data you need and we have all the relevant data in one place. With BetQL you can create custom dashboards that specifically identify value bets based off MLB public betting data. For example you can add the percentage of public tickets or the percentage of public money to see which side the public is leaning. If you are actively fading the public and want to see all the MLB consensus picks in your dashboard you can easily create that to figure out which games to fade. Sign up for BetQL and start cashing more tickets!

Fading the Public When Betting on the MLB

Fading the public is the betting strategy that you bet against who ever the consensus pick in that game is, and the thought process is that public bettors are novice bettors and the opposite is where the sharp bettors wager. The strategy of fading the public is one of the most talked about betting strategies but looking into the historical data it may not be all that successful. At BetQL we don't recommend you fade the public as a blanket statement, but on a case by case basis. The MLB public loves to bet on winning teams and they are usually willing to pay to do so at odds that aren't that advantageous. Not only does the public love to bet on winning teams they also love to bet on overs. A novice bettor is conditioned to bet on the best teams, and bet on scoring, unfortunately for the public most games don't pan out that way. The public also doesn't get much help from the media who plays up how great winning teams are and their propensity for scoring. Most sharp bettors are contrarians and they may use the consensus pick in a given game to guide them to the underdog.

How to Use BetQL's MLB Consensus Picks

At BetQL we recommend taking a look at the team, how they have been playing lately, and who is starting on the mound. If a team is on a hot streak, is getting a lot of love from the media, and has one of their top three on the mound then take a look at the MLB public percentage to see which side the casual bettors are flocking to, then fade the public. The fading the consensus pick strategy may be difficult to win on during the MLB regular season because there as so many games a day, but this is a strategy that can be employed in the playoffs. Novice bettors often don't watch the game and are purely betting with their gut. You can use BetQL's MLB consensus picks to identify those spots and profit on them.

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